Auction: Diamond Pickaxe - Unbreaking III - Efficiency IV

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  1. Ah, 4X! nice.

    Ty d1!
  2. I think crazy is gonna get it t 12,500!
  3. im almost tempted to bid ... just to raise the price ;D
  4. Just out of interest, how many levels did you need to use to enchant that?
  5. Little over 1hr left
  6. :eek: lol mugatu you sniper! :p
  7. I only raised it 700, besides I felt like blowing my money on something :D
  8. You can have it, Mugatu. I can get my own for less than 12500, that bet was just in the moment.. :p
  9. .... Take it
  10. i think twitch is just out to anger people because minecraft made him angry lol.
  11. Actually, I am going to use this pick to take out my frustration on what was supposed to be obsidian :( lol
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  12. Oh hot damn, its getting expensive up in here
  13. Honestly 15k was right around where i thought it would be based off the other auctions. A 5k quick axe that last 4x longer seems about right. lol
  14. I got 5 rupees :(