Auction: Diamond Pickaxe - Unbreaking III - Efficiency IV

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  1. Im going to follow the leaders on this one and use the same rules.

    This is for 1, unused Diamond PickAxe with Unbreaking III and Efficiency IV

    (sorry I just copy and pasted them)
    * Voting will end 12 hours after the last bid
    * You must collect the item from my lot - I will set up a chest for you
    * Non payment or messing me around will result in exclusion from further auctions
    * There is a reserve price - you will not get the item for 2r
  2. nurgles.. you buy everything lol
  3. Gotta spend that cash on something! :)
  4. Bid Stands at 5k!
  5. 5500R!

    love ya nurgle ;)
  6. UGGGG! :p
    Dang you for bumping this thread leo!! :D
    I'll sit back for a minute and see where this goes. Good luck superslash! ;)
  7. lols nurgle thanks man srry bout the other auction =[
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  8. No prob... I have a spending habbit anyway! :p
    Ebay kills me!
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  9. Your welcome - In fact I encourage it.
  10. hate you

  11. i quit lol
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  12. 12500r

    I lost one of these in fire. I need one. :)
    (Well actually mine was Efficiency IV and Unbreaking III, but meh. :rolleyes:)
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  13. if I understand the enchantments correctly....This is just like the axe that sold for 5k but it last's 3X longer. is that correct? ;p

    Just saying!
  14. Unbreaking III lasts 4x longer than an item with out unbreaking.

    (You really want unbreaking on Eff. picks or they dont last too long!)