[Auction] Diamond Pickaxe Silk Touch I Unbreaking III Efficiency IV

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  1. Item: Diamond Pickaxe with the enchantments Silk Touch I Unbreaking III and Efficiency IV
    Starting Bid: 2,000 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increments: 200 rupees
    Auction Ending Time: Auction will end 36 hours after the last bid has been posted, with no bids after it.

    When the auction ends, the winner must go to smp2 residence 3042 to pay and get the item.
    Happy bidding :D

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  2. BTW, it's condition is new/unused
  3. I dont come cheap! 3200r
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  4. I can't edit it to 6.5k d:
  5. I change 10k to 6.5k D:
  6. What is expected of me as an Auction Bidder?
    Updated: 06/03/2012
    As a bidder, you may not bid on an item you do not have the funds for, should you win. Unless stated differently by the auction host, you are expected to pay for the item within 48 hours of winning it. Do not make joke bids. If you post down a number in an auction, you are bound to that number. Do not post in an auction thread unless it meets one of the following criteria:

    • You are asking a question about the posted item.
    • You are making a bid on an item.
    • You won and are discussing transaction details with the host.
    I'm afraid that you have to stick with 10k.
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  7. Well then if I win with 10k I won't pay.
  8. You have to stick wiht 10k, if you don't pay you will be blacklisted.
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