[AUCTION] Diamond Pickaxe Fortune III Unbreaking III Efficiency V

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  1. Description : Brand Spankin New Diamond Pcikaxe! Efficiency V Unbreaking III Fortune III!
    Starting Bid : 4,500r
    Minimum Bid Increments : 100r
    Auction End : 36 hours after last bid.
    Bid away!!!
  2. I thought this was a good pick xD
  3. it is 5000
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  4. Yay! First bidder!
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  5. Hey, how do you get all of these pickaxes???? Buy them? XP grinder??
  6. Well. I buy some. And I grind for some. But I have been busy lately so I won't be selling that much picks.
  7. I haven't found one single mob spawner...... :(
  8. The eff ruins it :/ but 7.6k
  9. Hmm. What makes Eff ruin it? :D
  10. because with the fortune it uses it up quicker (wanting to mine one block on you mine like 5)
  11. Yeah exactly it's better to just have efficiency to use for obsidian farming...
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  12. Hmm. True :I
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Not open for further replies.