Auction: Diamond pickaxe Fortune III Unbreaking III Efficiency IV

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  1. ~ Starting bid: 3500r ~
    ~ Minimum bid increment: 100R ~
    ~ Voting will end 12 hours after the last bid ~
    ~ I can set up a chest for you at 8964 (SMP4) ~
    ~ The pickaxe is 100% unused! ~
    ~ Accepting rupees only ~
  2. 3900 u no prolly neither of us gonna get this.
  3. has to more then 1...
  4. o then i give up
  5. Huzzah does that mean I win?
  6. sure ya
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  7. hey i wen to your store on smp2 3607 and there was no store it wasn't even your plot
  8. It used to be my plot but I live in smp5 now.
  9. is it there now
  10. Yes visit 10030, I specialize in ore and more items soon to come! Btw when I meant ore I didn't mean the block LOL!
  11. u win in 24 hours after ur post XD