Auction: Diamond Pickaxe Eff IV

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  1. To culminate my adventures during this, my first week on Empire Minecraft, I enchanted this Diamond Pick Axe and got Efficiency IV. It was enchanted at level 42, which I think is a really cool number! The pick is unused, and as much as I'd love to keep it for myself, I'm still new and therefore, broke, so I've decided to put it up for auction.

    And so, fellow Citizens of the Empire, I implore you: Bid often, and bid HIGH! Goodness knows I can use the Rupees ;)

    * Bidding will start at 500
    * Minimum bid increment: 50 rupees
    * Voting will end 12 hours after the last bid
    * You must collect the item from my lot - I will set up a chest for you (lot 9251, smp4)
    * Non-payment or general messing around will result in exclusion from further auctions
    * Rupees only! I will not trade for diamonds or anything else.
  2. 500 mine as well start this off
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  3. 750
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  4. Pity you got such a small enchantment for your 42 levels, minecraft is a bit greedy sometimes :(

    850r is my bid :)
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  5. Yah, I was a little bummed, but what can you do?! Next time...
  6. 1k
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  7. Anybody else? I'm about to sign off for the night, but if there are no more bids by the time I get up tomorrow then I will officially declare you the winner, Dubzy1.
  8. I think people who don't use grinders for this (Margaritte) Should get a little more cash ;) They don't just stand there and wait they go in there and fight! :D
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  9. Thanks so much, apamment! I guess we wait five more hours and then call it over.
  10. 42 is a wonderful number... :)
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  11. only if you know the question.
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  12. Well, unless you two want to hang around and discuss the nature of the roads which a man must walk down (and bid some more rupees), then I'm calling this auction over! apamment, thank you so much. I have set up a shop chest and access door for you on my lot -- SMP4, 9251. Follow the directions on the signpost.
  13. hmm, it says it's out of stock. could i just pay you the rupees and have you set up a chest?
  14. That's strange -- i used the proper item info, i think -- I"ll be right there and we can settle it however. Sorry for the hassle
  15. Yup, I think I did it wrong!
  16. EMC-bay feedback form
    (*) Positive
    ( ) Neutral
    ( ) Negative
    [ ] I will leave feedback later


    AAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++++ good seller easy transaction fast delivery.
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  17. Thanks, apamment!