Auction - DIAMOND ORE -

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  1. Starting bid from 150r
    Increase bid must be 10 or more
    Auction ends in 4 hours
    Diamond Ore is generally considered to be the most valuable and elusive block in the game. It can be mined for a diamond gem using an Iron or Diamond Pickaxe. Diamond ore can be obtained by the enchantment Silk Touch on a pickaxe. Therefor you can use the Diamond ore block to create traps or even decoration.

    Note to bidders, leave your res number, what smp , ING,
    eg pateraterick ( 150r )
    4090, Smp2

    Pick up at 4090 smp2, there should be a sign telling you where's the pick up room

    *may be sold privately
  2. i need to sell it today....
  3. 160
    1179 smp1
  4. 2 hours to go!
  5. smp 1 2584
  7. is it just one ore?
  8. i believe so
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  9. anyway's this was an extremely old post
  10. Yeah wow, just saw it on the "Recent forums"
  11. You bumped a really old post
  12. usually auction's are removed once they are over but that hasn't been happening lately
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  13. Sorry your 7 months late my friend.
  14. Bedrock is rarer.
  15. Actually no.
    I think you are referring to it being in your hand.
    There is at least 256 bedrock per chunk compared to the average 9 diamond ore per chunk.
  16. ik
  17. Well can we mine it? Can we obtain it without the use of mods?
    It is harder to get then diamond, so I think it shall be rarer.
    But in all fairness, emerald is currently the rarest block in the game,
    But since it is not in EMC yet, bedrock is rarer.