[AUCTION] Diamond boots (protection II + Feather falling IV)

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  1. DESCRIPTION:Diamond armor boots (Protection II + Feather Falling IV)
    these boots will last a long time and surely come in handy mining glowstone
    in the nether or just mining without fear of falling, out in the wild.

    QUANTITY : 1 set (unused)



    AUCTION ENDS: 24 hours after the last bidder

    BONUS: stack of 64 cooked chicken
  2. Arent you doing a bit too much auctions at one time? If Im correct, Your only allowed to do 1 auction at a time.
    (I see your doing 3 auctions at once.)
  3. as the site was down for 24hours once this auction was started I'm thinking we continue on from when it started back up ok?
  4. According to the auction rules,

    You're already holding another auction, namely the one stated below as its the earliest one posted.
  5. Hmm, I won the auction didnt I?
  6. yep. congratulations!
    come to 18331 in smp9 when you're ready to transfer the funds
  7. Which server is that?
  8. IS there a chest for me? I can't find one :S
  9. sorry i've made one now ,was having trouble loggin in
  10. Okay :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.