[Auction] Diamond Armor and Tools Bundle! (CLOSED)

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  1. Welcome!

    Starting Bid: 1 rupee

    Minimum Increments: 250 rupees

    Auction Will End 24 Hours After Last Valid Bid, OR January 1st at 12:01 am (Eastern Time)

    Pickup will be at res 8103 in SMP4

    Items Included In This Auction Are In The Picture Below!

    Happy Holidays From Bro ^_^
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  2. Is this allowed?
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  3. Why would it not be allowed?
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  4. I think that people started it too high, I was wondering if I could re-start it at 5r
  5. no pls try to only post Bids people :)
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  6. Cause they are not all the same item. Dc's are allowed when all the same item
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  7. If you
    If you don't like the auction please leave :) there's no need to stay if you don't like it
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  8. I'm sorry but this auction is invalid.

    Since these are not enchanted or in bulk it is invalid.
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  9. You see? Kman is right. It's not cause we don't like the auction, it's cause the auction is illegal.
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  11. This auction is invalid for the reasons stated above. Feel free to sell the items openly, but not in auction format.
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