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Do you think EMC should allow a max bid increment option?

Yes - Argue it! 12 vote(s) 40.0%
No - Argue it! 18 vote(s) 60.0%
  1. I'd like to start a nice, indepth debate regarding max bids placed on auctions. Please keep this a respectful discussion. You can see this in action, in this thread;

    After seeing that auction, i was thinking how annoying ot would be to bid on because of the how drawn out it'll be. Bbt how many more people would see the auction. Share your feedback here on wether or not you think we should have these. Depending upon the popularity of this, you may see a dragon egg up for auction soon ;)
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  2. if people would pay attention to the last post, and the op and not fail at math then there usually isnt any problems. it does make for a spammy thread tho lol
  3. I guess you would be able to do that already. I often don't like bidding in those though.
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  4. I'd prefer that it be left as a choice rather than restrict it. Any confusion in that thread is the result of people not paying attention, rather than a shortcoming of the auction's design.

    Knowing that a maximum increment, a long end time, or high initial price might alienate some potential bidders is something that should be considered along with all the other details when setting up an auction.

    If you don't like that type of auction or don't want to risk losing potential bidders because they might not like it, you shouldn't use a maximum bid or bid on an auction with one.
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  5. Well I was going to say something but Pab10S sum it up perfectly... *high Five Pab10S
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  6. But then the question arises , why can't we have buy it now?
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  7. Uhh, thats basically another way to ruin bidder's post:like ratio >.> and if someone has to leave in, say, a week and wont be on to bid, they might lose the auction they started because it still hasnt even gotten anywheres near the valued price
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  8. It's a silly idea.

    1. Self gratification, self promotion, advertising: doing a max 1r bid or something so that your auction spams the auction channel. Thus your auction, your name, your thread gets lots of spotlight. I can see this kind of auction becoming more about exposure than auctioning an item.

    2. It doesn't help your auction: myself and others will most likely ignore max bid auctions, as the goal of the auction isn't to sell the item, it's to get as many bids as possible, as much attention as possible, see 1.

    3. Anyone who argues that a max bid auction allows more people to get a chance is making incorrect assumptions. See 2., and 1. People think they have a chance until the auction reaches true value, then all those people who bid over the last week drop out, and the real bidders step in. OR, you simply put off any serious bidders, who would rather go buy what they need, or find another auction that actually wants to sell the product, and completely ignores the max bid auction.

    4. If 10 people did 1r max bid auctions, you'd have those 10 auctions running for many days as they slowly increase in price, spamming the auction thread pointlessly. On day 2, another 3 max bid auctions go on, now we have 13 plodding along. Day 3, another 3 auctions go on, and now we have 16 auctions slowly plodding along... you get the point? It's unnecessary spam in the Community Auctions.

    5. Then there is all the trouble caused by such an auction as people start spamming, making incorrect bids, and all the rest of it. And being a mod, I have little interest in wasting my time trying to moderate a counter-productive auction. (I will of course, but I won't like it).

    OK, that'l do for now. :)

    Not only am I not fore this idea, I'm strongly opposed. And if max bid auctions become common, I will push to have it be strictly illegal/against the rules to have a max bid auction. Just like we don't have buy now. It's counter productive to the reason for an auction.
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  9. If anyone is even considering doing a max bid auction. I would strongly recommend making the end time a finite time. EG.
    End time: 72 hours from now.

    That way, the auction won't keep going for weeks.
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  10. There is no sound reason to not allow it. Aikar is going to add an recent auction area, so any spam arguments are null.
    You have it very wrong. The original reason for the very first max bid auction on EMC (thought up by our resident Hamster) was to create an auction that the auctioneer puts no work into. It is self sustaining, thus requiring no bumps. I can make one of those auctions with the explicit directions for the winner to PM me, and then unwathc the thread and not look at it until I get a PM. A max bid auction will also maximize profit for most items.
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  11. I remember that auction... :D
  12. If that was the Hamsters intention, he has it wrong. Self-sustaining auction? So now we can AFK bump as well as AFK farm? :) Yay, why do I even bother being at my keyboard? :) This will only create player absent auctions spamming the auction thread. How about leaving as is, so an auction holder must be online to bump their auction that no one is really interested in. And the auctions people are interested in get the attention.

    How exactly will a recent auction area, NOT include max bid auctions? It will spam, i guarantee you.

    I disagree, they will do the opposite. But we'll only find out if these max bid things go ahead.
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  13. I shouldn't have to be on the site for my thread to be looked at, and your reasoning for being against that is just wrong.
    If people aren't interested in an auction, then they won't bid on it. The fact that people do participate in max bid auctions shows that they are interested in what is in the thread.
    It will include them. Most people against auction spam are against it because it pushes out "content" threads. If auctions will be separated, then who cares how many post one gets?
    I agree, lets leave the rules and traditions of the auction forum the same. Lets keep them the same, which includes and always has included allowing max bid auctions.
    How can he have it wrong, when it worked out several times for him and others?
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  14. You see, the key word here is OPTION. Meaning that people can choose whether or not to have one.
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  15. Why did no one tell me there was a discussion going on about my thread? :p

    Alright, to be honest, I did it for fun. There was no hidden agenda behind starting the auction off with a max bid increment of 5 rupees. After the first few bids, I realized it was crazy auctioning off items at that value with a max increment that small. So, I upped it to 500 because I then realized, that it gave others the opportunity to bid.

    Since it was pretty much over by the time I realized this, I decided to just let it go on until it ended. Obviously, according to community feedback, it was counter-productive, so if I happen to use a max bid increment again, it'll be so that the auction doesn't escalate too quickly, and at the same time it won't be irritating.

    So in conclusion, I learned that although it is allowed, it is irritating to most, so it will not be continued in other auctions on my end. My apologies to all of those negatively affected by my silly auction details. :)
  16. yeah most people who have hosted one get annoyed at the number of alerts they get i dont think it will become terribly commonplace. the one i had i did for fun and in an attempt to keep the auction at a low number instead of people coming in and going 200k right off the bat maybe some poor'er people have a chance at it
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  17. Your auction inspired me :D I think it was a cool idea but might be a little annoying for serious bidders.

    Thanks for the awesome feedback guys, while it is legal to make one of those auctions I feel the idea of it isn't too popular and will anger some individuals. I'd refrain from doing it if anyone was thinking of it. :)
  18. Now, I don't care either way. I sometimes think that people have a chance when there is a max bid of say 1k. However, it is pretty amusing to see the ninja's :p

    Other than that, it is perfectly legal on empire minecraft, and should remain that way.
    Most auctions don't have a max bid so there's nothing to worry about.

    Now as for this...
    I truly do not know the answer however, it is likely something along the lines as a bid limit for how much people would pay.
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  19. 99% sure that rich players will be able to almost buy anything they want.
    2 seconds later

    Yush yush yush, I think this is the way. :D

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  20. You don't have to be on the site. And you never have had to be on site. That's the point in the forums. You post a thread, and people can read it long after you've gone.
    You SHOULD have to be on site to bump your thread though. Otherwise, everyone would want their thread auto bumped, and you have a huge amount of spammy threads.

    Max bid auctions with a low 1r max bid, will always push other auctions down. Simply because they REQUIRE a heap of people bidding to get anywhere. They spam the forum, and push other legit auctions down. People bid on max bid threads because they remain undervalued for a long time, due to being restricted by max bid increment. Legit auctions without max bid reach their true value much faster, and receive a lot less bids.

    Right, so it still spams the auction forum.

    I said that wrong. What I meant to say is: The idea of AFK bumping an auction is a harmful idea, not a good idea. As I said, this simply creates unnecessary posts = spam on the forums. It affects other legit threads/posts. It creates traffic that is not necessary, which affects other threads.
    In a single individual case, that isn't so bad, because it's 1 thread pushing all the others down. if it was 10 such threads, we start having a problem.
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