[Auction] DC of Tall Grass

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by heyaroo, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. Beautiful, luscious grass...

    DC of Tall Grass(not blocks)

    Auction: DC of Tall Grass
    Starting Bid: 10r

    Minimum Bid Increase: 100r
    Auction Ends: 24 Hours after the last valid bid

  2. 10r
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  3. 100r
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  4. Eh, whatever. 3k.
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  5. 220r
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  6. Invalid bid
  7. Ninja and i quit so you don't have to tell me nick
  8. 4k
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  9. DogsRNice in the lead with 4k! :D
  10. fine. (looks left looks right) hope there isn't a ninja now 4.5k
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  11. There is a ninja. Its MVPdrose. 5k
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  12. MVPdrose in the lead with 5k!
  13. Try refrain from posting again untill 3 hours has passed. Dont even say So and So are in the lead untill 3 hours are up.

    You are allowed to give your auction a bump once every 3 hours ONLY if 3 hours has passed since the last post. A bid counts as a post, so please don't make posts like "USER123 is in the lead with 1000r!" unless 3 hours has past since that post. Abuse of bumping will result in the loss of auction rights as well.
  14. Yeah sorry I didnt realize that replying right away with that meant a bump. I thought bumps meant if you are bumping it if its not on the recent posts.
    Its my 2nd auction I ever did and I didn't mean to be annoying, thanks for the info.

    Anyways morning bump xD (3 hours and 20 min after last post)
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  15. 5.1k :D
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  16. OrigamiJoe in the lead with 5.1k!
  17. Zarembo1 in the lead with 5.2k!
  18. Bumpity bump bump arooo!

    Gotta love grass.
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  19. Zarembo1 won this auction! Woot! Pick up will be at 10049 :D
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