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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by FirstJugBurgerz, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. Hey everyone! Well, I've decided to make my shop even better, and I want my res to be better also, so I'm gonna reset my res (It's the last time, trust me). ;) By auctioning off this Stone Brick, I should have the funds to carry through the building of the next shop I'm building. So here it is:

    Item: DC of authentic Stone Brick.

    Minimum Bid Increase: 200 rupees.

    Pickup: Res 3794 on Smp2.

    Starting: 2,100 rupees.

    Ending: 48 hours after last valid bid.

    Additional Stuff: I hope the grief party will be Saturday, we'll see. Also, I'm planning to start a supply company in the near future, but it will have a neat thing to it that makes it unique, so stay tuned for more info!

    And of course: Happy Bidding!!
  2. Bumpz. Come on, if this doesn't even get to 2K soon I'm gonna have to lower the start, I need at least some rupees out of this.
  3. Ok, starting price has been lowered to 1,500 rupees.
  4. Bumpz. No one wants a DC of Stone Brick for this cheap??
  5. What does it take to convince you guys? New starting price: 800 rupees. :D
  6. Bumpz. Did I hit the wrong time to hold this auction, other auctions of this type have recently gone for 5k +! Auction goes to flaming tomorrow if no one else bids.
  7. flamingpotato42, you have won this auction for 2k. I know this is an hour early, but I would be 24 hours late if I didn't do it now. Please pay, and then I will set up an access chest at my res, 3794, on Smp2.
  8. ok amount paid please setup access chest thanks
  9. you cant end auctions early, read rules
  10. Well sorry, but this is the only time I have to be on EMC right now, and I'd rather end it 1 hour early than end it 6 hours late (at this time). I have to go with what I said, and flaming has already paid. Sorry I couldn't end it at the precise time.
  11. You can't do that it's completely illegal. You have to honor the 48 hours and therefore the 2.2k bid.
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  12. You can't end a auction on your convenience. You must follow the rules like everyone else if this happens again you will be blacklisted from holding/betting in auctions.
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  13. Well...I dunno what to do about this. Shortly after I posted this morning, I set up the access chest for flaming, and I don't know if he has picked it up yet. Let me explain my side here, and if I get blacklisted from this, I'll accept the consequence. Last night, it was impossible for me to end the auction at the right time, since I had non-EMC things to tend to. If you notice the time I posted this morning, that was the earliest possible time for me to post, and if I posted then, I would be six hours late, and if you compare that to the latest possible time for me to post last night at 10:45, I'd be an hour early, and I'd rather take one hour early than six hours late, I knew that mathematically it was more likely for a situation like this to happen if I was late. I'm sorry to Origami and everyone else for violating the rules, but I still can't get on the EMC server tonight, so I can't take flaming's sign down until tomorrow. If you need an explanation for that, I'll make it simple: I'm trying to help my family move. Ill accept it if I'm blacklisted, but I will say that would feel a little inconsiderate. I don't know what will happen if flaming has already picked up the items, so this depends on if flaming's picked them up, which I won't know until tomorrow.
  14. You should have said at end of auction "you might have wait a day or two till I get on due to prior engagements. Most members would understand and wait for the auction items until they can get it.
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