[Auction] Dc of Seeds,Potatoes,Carrots and Splash Speed Potions

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  1. DC of Seeds
    DC of Potatoes
    DC of Carrots
    DC of Splash Speed Potions (6:00)
    Starting Bid: 100r
    Bid Increment: 100r
    Ends: 48 hours after last bid
    Pickup: After payment received,1778 SMP1 to the left of spawn
    (My first auction ^_^)
  2. Samsimx is in the lead with 2k. Can anyone top him?
  3. Seeing as this would be your first auction, I'll leave you with the advice that you are only allowed to bump auctions every 3 hours, in other words 3 hours after the last post, including bids.

    Also, it might be worth contacting a mod to get this moved to the right section. :)
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  4. as chin said, please wait 3 hours to bump :)
  5. it has been 3 hrs...
  6. Technically no, but you should be fine, I was just warning you
  7. bump! Samsimx is about to win, who will out bid him?
  8. You have won! Please pay 2k then I'll set up the chest...