[auction] DC of Quartz

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  1. 1 DC of Quartz
    Starting Bid- 1000r
    Bid Increments- 100r
    Auction Ends- 24hrs after las valid bid
    Pickup- 18001 on SMP9
  2. would this be nether quartz "flake form" ?
  3. Twelve thousand rupees.
  4. Thirteen Thousand
  5. Thirteen thousand five-hundred rupees.
  6. Thirteen thousand Six-hundred rupees.
  7. Fourteen thousand rupees
  8. Fourteen thousand one hundred rupees
  9. Fourteen thousand two hundred rupees
  10. Fourteen thousand three hundred rupees
  11. Fourteen thousand four hundred rupees
  12. Please specify what type of quartz, "ore" "block" "flake" etc, an image would also be helpful
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  13. It is the flake, and I'm not sure how to add an image :p
    Bump, bid is at 14.4k
  14. I'll help, Marklea.

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  15. 16k is the highest bid so far, still 29k under retail
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Not open for further replies.