AUCTION - DC of Quartz ORE Blocks

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  1. Item: Double Chest of Quartz ORE Blocks.
    Starting Bid: 45.000R
    Minimum Bid Increment: 3.000R
    Auction Ending Time: 24 Hours after the Auction was posted.
    Pickup: SMP7 /res Grisillo

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  2. ohey its ark, 46k
  3. ninjad
    my bad 59k
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  4. Minimun increment is 3k and MCSaw bid 55k btw
  5. Whoops, want to remove as I missed the ore part.
  6. That's why I wrote that in RED :p
  7. If it was 24 hours after auction was posted does that mean that god of gods won the auction?
  8. No, he removed his bid offer so you won :p
    I cant go on the server right now but Ill be sure to be on tomorrow on SMP7 If you want to go and contact me
  9. You cannot remove a bid once you have placed it. All bids are final in the auctions unless stated otherwise by staff. At the moment God_of_Gods is bound by his bid and must pay for the auction in the value stated by him.
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  10. PupInAction has no obligation in the auction after God_of_Gods outbid him. However if PupInAction still wants to buy the ore you guys can work something out between yourselves privately.
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  11. I am not going to make him pay If he thought he was gonna get another item, PupIn If you are still interested on the Ore you can still contact me.
  12. OMG, do I win? WTF ever.
  13. Well if i won i would glady pay for it :)
  14. Whomever you think won the auction Grisillo
  15. I win the auction. I am sending you the rupees now. Please set up the chest.
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