[AUCTION] DC of possibly the best Steak ever

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Trapper777, May 2, 2016.

  1. Ninja'd, THIS is my last bid 25700
  2. Thanks for the steak then, I will take the double chest of dead cow for 25900
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  3. Or not 26000
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  4. Hmmm... melon is in on this once again, looks like I am back in the bidding 27k
  5. i think you can do better than that... 29900k
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  6. Oh no you did not I have put too much into this steak
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  7. Mine! 40k
  8. Today is a good day.

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  9. ... Amateurs ..43210
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  10. Oh Amateur am I? ;)
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  11. Aww I was hoping for a DC of freedom steaks. Lol
  12. Shush melon 50k
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  13. Bump!
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  14. Alright you are semi professionals it seems ... now let the big boys do the talking .. 55k
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  15. Oh stick to melons you crazy green guy
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  16. I am a full professional 65k
  17. hahahahahahahaha guys its ok, let me have the beef, you won't be laughed at TOO much for backing down now ;)
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  18. Ok, this seriously is my last post because this is too much for steak... 71k
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  19. Bump!