[AUCTION] DC of Oak Planks

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  1. Item: DC Of Oak Planks
    Starting bid: 470r
    Minimum bid increment: 80r

    Auction ends in 12 hours after last valid bid!
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  2. 1080p errr 1080r
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  3. Quick bump before auction ends!
  4. You won the auction! Come to my res on smp8 (/v Starpuncher) and there is a chest when you spawn in with your name with access.
  5. Also, I apologize that I'm late :p
  6. I payed although I can't open the chest. The access sign has to go on the top of the chest.
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  7. Oh yeah, forgot about that :p I will edit it now
  8. Sorry to say this but this auction is still ongoing. It should end 12 hours after the last valid bid, and the last bid (2k) was only 8 hours ago (at the time of writing).
  9. Oh. I meant to put ends in 12 hours as I am a noob to auctions...
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  10. I already gave the item to (who I thought was) the winner. Sorry new bidders :(
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