[ Auction ] DC of Lapis Lazuli

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  1. Starting bid: 10k
    Minimum bid Increment: 1k
    Auction ends: 72 hours after last valid bid.
    Item: 3456 Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis will be required for enchanting things in 1.8!
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  2. 10k
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  3. 15k
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  4. Bump! C'mon guys do you wanna be that one guy begging someone for lapis every time you enchant something? :D
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  5. I actually need this for Hitman Industries, 25k
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  6. 30k i need this for a build im making ;p
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  7. Bump! RIGHT one time! :D
  8. Come on, do you want to be that annoying guy always begging random people for lapis every time he enchants something?
  9. Are you guys really gonna let this slip away through your fingers? Boy, I hope there is another Lapis auction for you two...
  10. 33k
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  11. I hope Hitman industries can find another auction if he doesn't bid on this...
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