[AUCTION] DC of Hay Bales [Finished]

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  1. Item: A double chest of stacked hay bales.
    Starting Bid: 1,000r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 200r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 Hours after last valid bid

    Wanna never need wheat again? Then this is the auction for you.
    Wanna just have 31,104 of something*? Then this auction is for you.
    Think that hay bales would be the perfect decoration block? Then this auction is for you.
    Wanna just be able to say you bought something from a bear? Then this auction is for you.

    Make bread, cake, cookies, (open a bakery?), breed cows and sheep and mooshrooms, lower a horse's temper, share it with friends, share it with enemies, stock your store, place it at random in the wild... the possibilities are endless. And with a starting price set at under .04r per piece of wheat, you can't go wrong.

    When a winner is decided, I will PM the winner with information on how to come collect.

    If I figure out how to put a picture in here, I will make a picture of the chest like all the cool kids do in their cool auctions.

    PM me if you have any questions.
    *refers to total number of wheat that can be obtained by crafting down the hay bales
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  2. 1,000 Rupees
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  3. 1200 rupees. :D
  4. 1.3kr
    I got ninja'd!
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  5. 5,000 rupees.
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  6. Ninja'd, no longer valid. :)
  7. Apparently I couldn't edit my original post, so hereis an update to include the picture I got. Hope this is right.

    One other side note: There is a small chance I might be out of town when this ends, but not to worry! If so, my good friend dinocandy will take care of everything. He is admin on all my properties, and is fully authorized to handle things if need be. He's also a pretty nice guy. So if I am not responsive, you can bother him :)
  8. Quick bump.

    As on might expect, I am overburdened with an overabundance of wheat seeds..

    If anyone wants a stack or two of them (for FREE) to start out your own wheat farm, just let me know.

    Happy bidding!
  9. Screw all of you. 5444!
  10. *punches samsimx*
    Gonna say this now: You can ask a mod to edit a picture into the OP for you by simply reporting the picture with a message that says "Add in OP" or something.
  11. 20k just give up!
  12. Does that ever work for you?
    Seems to me it would do the opposite.

    22000 r
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