[Auction] DC of Glowstone [Not Safe to Eat!!]

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  1. Item: DC of glowstone that should be kept away from your mouth ^_^
    Minimum bid: 55k
    Bid increase: 250r
    Auction ends 24 hours and one minute after the last valid bid, pickup @ smp1 res 1148 take teleport for pickup room.

    Now before you all tell me to lower the starting bid, I set it at what I did because that's the minimum amount I will gladly accept for it. This is 15.9r per piece of glowstone. (5.1r less than market price)
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  2. Half hour early but I'm going to bed. This is still like 10k under market price! You can make a profit!
  3. You have won, please pay & I'll setup access chest. I sure hope you aren't planning to eat these.
  4. LOL! [Not Safe to Eat!!]
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  5. You can break your teeth >D:
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  6. There are some really hard Jawbreakers that can break teeth. That's why I don't eat that candy.
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