[AUCTION] DC of Fire resistance Potions

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  1. Auction of DC 3:00 Fire resistance potions

    Starting Bid: 1k

    Incremental:500 r

    Auction Ends: July 30th 6:00 pm EMC Time
  2. This is an invalid auction. There is one thing missing from it. The pickup information. I reported the Thread to ask staff if they can allow you to add it :)
  3. The pickup info does not have to be in the original post. It can be negotiated with the winner afterwards. 1k.
  4. Auctions do not require pick-up location in the initial post in order to be valid. It's a courtesy given by many auction holders so the potential buyers know where the materials are located and, if given the capacity to, preview the contents.
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  5. Invalid bid. Your bid increment has to be at least 500r more than the last bidder's:
    (Geez, this entire auction is just a mess of true and false accusations, isn't it? :p)

    On that note: 1.5k
  6. 2k sorry didnt see his bid liol
  7. Auction is over. DanialBuchinger has won
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  8. where do i pick up?
  9. I recommend starting a conversation with the auction host to determine that, Haley58 herself. ;)
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