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  1. Item: DC of Enchanted Books
    Starting Bid: 500R
    Minimum Bid increase: 500R
    Auction Ends: 24hr after last VALID bid
    Pickup: smp5, 10995 If needed i can bring it to you if u cant make it there yourself.
    Note: If u don't pay for auction within 5 days after you win I will auction the chest off again.
    Happy bidding
    All Books Are level 30 books.
    List of books:
    11 Sharpness III
    5 Protection III
    2 Aqua Affinity I
    3 Projectile Protection IV
    1 Protection IV
    1 Fire Protection III
    6 Efficiency IV
    6 Flame 1
    6 Smite IV
    2 Infinity I
    2 Sharpness IV
    3 Bane of Arthropods IV
    3 KnockBack II
    1 Feather Falling IV
    2 Unbreaking III
  2. Ok so I have won this right?
  3. ill put up the sign when i get the payment
  4. Money Sent
  5. ok access chest up at 10995
  6. picked up. thanks man
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.