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    Items: Different enchanted items and 4 stacks of Bottle o' enchnating
    Item Amount: A DC full
    Starting bid: 10,000 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increment: 250 rupees

    Auction ends 48 hours after last valid bid.
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  2. Can you list the enchantments? And I Beleive the bottles o enchanting make this invalid.
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  3. I second the request for enchantment descriptions. Regarding validity, it's hard to say what's valid anymore. If we can auction off Diamond Supportership, Books signed by mods, and whatever named items Aikars throwing to the masses this week, I would think a few stacks of Bottles of Enchanting in a double chest of enchanted items would be acceptable.
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  4. That will be a big pain to list all of the enhantments.
  5. Then nobody will big on it.
  6. ok ill do it just give me a little bit of time.
  7. We'll probably discuss this later among staff, but my stance as of now on this is that bottles of enchanting are acceptable in non double chest stacks as long as it's accompanied by enchanted items.
  8. BOA-Bane of Arthropods
    ST-Silk Touch
    AA-Auqa Affinity
    PP-Projectile Protection
    FA-Fire Aspect

    E-Book- BOA 1
    Diamond Sword- BOA 2
    Diamond Pick-EFF 3
    Diamond Pick-UNB 3
    E-Book BOA 3
    Diamond Sword-S 3, KB 2, FA 1
    Diamond Pick-UNB 3, EFF 4
    Iron Pick-EFF 2
    E-Book-AA 1
    E-Book-P 1
    Diamond Sword-S 3, KB 2
    Iron Axe-UNB 1, EFF 2
    E-Book-FO 2
    E-Book-FO 2
    Bow-PO 3
    Diamond Sword-S 3, KB 2
    E-Book-SM 4
    Diamond Pick-EFF 4
    Iron Chestplate-PRO 2, TH 1
    Diamond Sword BOA 4
    E-Book F 1
    Diamond Pick EFF 3
    Diamond Sword BOA 4
    E-Book P 1
    Diamond Sword SM 3
    E-Book SM 4
    Diamond Pick EFF 3
    E-Book KB 2
    Diamond Pick EFF 4
    Diamond Sword (Named:The Apprentice) LT 3, KB 2, FA 2
    Bow PO 1
    E-Book P 2
    Diamond Sword SM 2, KB 1
    E-Book BOA 5
    Diamond Pick EFF 3, ST 1
    E-Book EFF 3
    Diamond Pick EFF 4
    E-Book PRO 3
    Diamond Pick UNB 3, EFF 4, FO 2
    E-Book BOA 5
    Gold Pick UNB 3, ST 1
    Diamond Axe EFF 3, UNB 3
    E-Book S 3
    Diamond Sword SM 4
    E-Book PO 3
    Iron Pick UNB 3, FO 2, EFF 3
    Iron Pick UNB 3
    E-Book SM 3
    E-Book S 3
    E-Book PP 4
    And 4 stacks of bottle o' enchanting
  9. ty for the bid wish we'd get more XD
  10. this is optional, but whever wins want me to deliver it, i will for an extra 100r
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