[Auction] DC of delicious melons.

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  1. Auction item: A full double chest of pumpkins
    Starting bid: 100r
    Minimum bid increase: 25r
    Ending time: 24 hours after last valid bid

    Pickup: The pickup is at my residence: 19355, you'll see a giant wood/glass structure with some chests at the bottom there will be a sign on the pickup chest saying it is the pickup chest

    This is my first auction and I'm very sorry if it has bad sides.
    Think it can be batter? Then reply!
  2. That noob he said melons in the tittle!
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  3. I guess the aution ends soon...
  4. Remember they are fake melons!
    They exely are pumpkins.
  5. I will setup the respond a bit late, but the ending time stays the same
  6. Only 26 minuten left units the auctionaris Endstra!
  7. My iPad has auto correct i meant to say ends
  8. THE_LEGEND4 wins the auction! The access chest Will be setup after payment!
  9. If you pay I will setup the access chest at my res
  10. Paid :)
  11. I've setup the access chest!
  12. At 19355 on smp9
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.