[Auction] DC of chicken eggs

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  1. Hey guys, today i'm back with another auction. It will be a double chest of CHICKEN eggs, (non spawn). Here's the info you'll need.

    Starting price: 1350 R
    Minimal bid raise: 150 R
    Pickup: 5392, on utopia. Do not do delivery, sorry.
    Auction ends: 48 hours after last Valid bid was posted.
    Good luck, and Happy Bidding! :D

    Note, only put access sign up after you pay me. You can pm me to notify i got payed.
  2. Bump... anyone gonna bid?
  3. so you mean the 16 stack of eggs? you will probably have to drop that starting bid a lot just trying to help have a good day !!
  4. {Update} New starting bid: 350 Rupees.
  5. yeay chickens 500r!
  6. i like chickens eddy : ) 1k
  7. Bump :D Come on, we can get better then THIS
  8. Lol it's been a while and I believe I've won
  9. The starting bid was 1370r....
  10. 1350r*
  11. he said
  12. You have to ask a moderator to update it
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  13. thanks for pointing that out for me :D ........ I'm guessing Rosy2696 will sooner or later read your comment.....
  14. Sorry about not seeing, was a bit busy, and when i read the auction help, it said that if no one bid, you could alter the price. And yes, you have one, have you already paid me? if so, i will set up the access chest :)
  15. won* And btw, not "he", "She"
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