[AUCTION] DC of AU79 Swords

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by EmoryCrafts, Jan 17, 2016.

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  1. Hi EMC! Haven't been on in a long while.
    I guess I might as well put on an AUCTION :) :)

    Item: One DC (54) Gold Swords
    Minimum Starting Bid: 1r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction Ending time: 72 hrs after last valid bid

    Gold luck to all :)
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  2. One whole roobbieezes
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  3. 101r
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  4. Bump!
    Still very cheap!
  5. Invalid bid. Minimum Bid increment is 100r, and you only bid 99 more rupees.
    If you bid 201r that would be valid.
  6. 5k, lets get things rolling
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  7. DatFoxMan is in the lead with only 5k! Will anyone beat him to this golden Auction, or will he take the prize?

  8. A wild Blondekid42 approaches!

    He uses 8k attack!
    Critical hit!
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  9. Woah! What a great attack!

    Will DatFoxMan come back into the competition, or will he lose to the 8k Critical Hit?
    Will Blondekid42 win the gold, or will a better, fiercer competitor challenge him?

    We'll find out when someone places a bid!
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  10. A very crafty lemur looking blob thing approaches quietly from behind and bids a very underwhelming 8100 rupees to steal it away.
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  11. I like the title.
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  12. Blondekid42 appears out of a strange mist that smells of Deviled Eggs.
    "Iiii'mmm Baaaack! 10k! BOOM!"
    Then proceeds to run away. Standing around aimlessly near his house, he awaits a new threat...
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  13. Will Renton_Strife and DatFoxMan fight back?
    Or will Blondekid42 win this competition?

    Use those SUPER power ups to smash that Blondekid42!
    (But he could Super powerup you too :p)
  14. When Renton was a small boy he was always kicked around by the blonde kids because he had broth hair. Ever since that moment he swore he would never let a blonde person ever get the best of him. Having this in mind, he stalked down Mr. Blondekid42 and beat him over the head with an unseasonably high 12k! Shocked by the hit, blondekid stumbles, dazed.
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  15. "That tallywacker snuck up on meh! 'Ow dare youu!" Blondekid42 roared. He stared into Renton's soul and emitted a mighty YAWP! "I will beat you mercilessly with my 17,500r stick!"

    Renton fell, smelling that strange Devil Egg mist.

    Blondekid42 retreated to his home and smiled, knowing he may have won this round.
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  16. Will Renton_Strife beat his bully, or will his bully beat him up, once again?
  17. A wild savage comes with his SAVAGE smash to bid 21000
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  18. Will SavageKyle just take the best of you, Blondekid42?
    Or will you FIGHT ON and BEAT him once and for all?

    Renton_Strife, I believe in you too!
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