[AUCTION] DC of 8:00 Fire Resistance Potions

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  1. Do you like the soothing feel of lava rubing all over your body, but do not want to die? Well, today you can participate in this auction and swim in lava for a total of about 8 and a half hours!

    Starting Bid: 500
    Minimal Increments: 50r
    Ends: 24 hours after last valid bid
    Pickup: /v 5136 on Utopia. (regular members are able to access Utopia but not the wild/nether.)
  2. 800 Rupees
  3. 900 why must it always be a diamond suppoerter in bidding but other then yet i get why i mean even i would if i was diamond ok so 900
  4. 1K - I sort of agree. But I can't complain if it don't shell out the $$$ for membership.
  5. Bump 4 tonight.
  6. Your name goes well with this auction.
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  7. 5K Is the nether really that hot?
  8. Woa! This auction is on FIRE! and mr.Normalizers in the lead with 5k!
  9. I feel as if this is time for a bump.
  10. ...............welllllll I'm gonna make a double chest of potions now
  11. ok guys, this is the last bump for the auction unless someone else bids.
    Normalizers will win with 5k in 4 hours, does anybody dare challenge him?
  12. Ok sir, you may pick up your potions once payment is recieved. i will be settin up that sign the second i recieve payment :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.