Auction DC Nether Wart

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  1. Thread Title: [AUCTION] DC of Nether Wart
    Item: ___Nether Wart______
    Starting Bid: ___100 Rupees______
    Minimum Bid Increment: ____100 Rupees____
    Auction Ending Time: _____24 hours after last valid bid____

    I am auctioning a full DC of Nether Wart to the highest bidder. Winner can pickup the prize at res 755 on smp 1.

    Thank you for joining in the auction.
  2. A double chest of nether wart on the auction block at 2000 rupees right now. Anyone want in on this?
  3. Yeaaaa!!!!! its over. It was like pulling teeth, but its over. Goldfish_Cannon you won the Auction, if that's what it could be called lol. come on by res 755 at smp 1 when you are ready and collect your loot. you can pay when you pick up. its all good I trust you will take care of business. I will set up the access now.
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  4. Awesome, logging on now and I will pay as soon as I get on