[Auction] DC Nether Stalk

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  1. Item: 1 double chest of Nether Stalk
    Starting Bid: 100 Rupees
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100 Rupees
    Auction Ending Time: Monday Jan 18th 9:00 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time, or 1 hour after the last valid vote)

    Details: Acemox2k @ Res 755

    I am auctioning 1 DC of Nether Stalk which you will be able to pick up after payment, or at any reasonable time to be worked out at that point. If the bidding continues past Monday Jan 18th, 9:00 pm EST and the bids are valid and within 1 hour of each other then the auction will continue. At anytime past 9:00 pm EST, if a bid should fall outside of 1 hour of another bid then the auction will be considered to be complete.

    If the bid comes in at 9 pm then I will wait to see if another comes in by 10 pm. We use an Hour by hour time to see when the last bid is from the bid before it. If a bid comes in at or before 8 pm and no other bids come in by 9 pm I will consider the hour to be satisfied and the auction closed at 9:00 pm.

    I hope this is clear to everyone. This is my first auction and the idea is to have it over one hour after the last bid that happens at or near 9 pm. Ok lets start the bidding!
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  3. A double chest of Nether Stalk is a great thing to have for someone who likes to home brew.
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  6. Still time left to get some bids in.
  7. ok, either this is a cold fish product, the thrill of auction is not in the air or I am not feeling it after todays festivities. less than 3 hours left.
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  9. ok 3500 rupees that's about 1 rupee for 1 nether stalk. That's a good price... any other bidders....

    This is an illegal bump: please follow the auction rules and bump at earliest 3 hours after the last bid or bump.
    Also, the finish time should be one type to avoid confusion. If you can afford to have it go another 24 hrs with a bid per hour then you should just use 24 hours after last valid bid. As it stands, your combo method will have little effect. The 3 hour bump rule also makes it a little pointless.
    Ending time is 9pm EMC.
  10. Auction closed. WitherTheRuler you are the proud owner of the prize. come to res 755 to collect.