[AUCTION] DC full of pot of gold (54 used)

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  1. CALLING ALL HORSE BREEDERS! Now is your chance for an unlimited supply of gapples.

    Item: pot of gold promo
    Starting bid: 800k ( this is about 14.5 k a piece. Auction is for all 54)
    Minimum bid incriment: 500 r
    Auction ends 48 hours after last valid bid

    I was producing roughly 2 golden enchanted apples a day. This offer will produce much more regular golden apples. Let the bidding games begin!
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  2. Bump. Could a senior staff please change the name of this auction to have [auction] in front of it? My apologies, I did not use the proper format
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  3. late night Bump
    Imagine breeding your horses at a rate of roughly 22 golden apples a day and never leaving your res. This can be achieved with this auction ^.^
  4. I don't have the rupees to afford this. I would love to bid, but I barely have any rupees. I do hope you get some good bids, though.
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  5. I created the auction aware that it probably won't do so well. If no one bids writhin 3 days since it started I'll end up selling wash pot of gold for a little bit more than the start auction. Wish you could have voted though ^.^

  6. Bump

    I will be closing the thread in 24 hours if no bids are made and sell them individually on a sell thread
  7. MrsWishes stole the auction! Anyone dares challenge her bid? :p
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  8. Still a great deal of 14.6 k per pot of gold. Will anyone snatch it from mrswishes?

  9. 801k
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  10. pvp_senpai takes the lead with 801k! Will mrswishes claim her lead again? Does anyone else dare challenge pvp_senpai? Or will senpai get a great deal and take this auction?

  11. Bump

    Auction still set at a great deal
  12. Bump let's give pvp-senpai some competition! :p these pot of gold are selling for around 20 k. This is still a great deal