[AUCTION] DC Clay Blocks

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  1. DC of Clay Block
    Starting Bid: 10,000 Rupees
    Minimum bid Increment: 1,000 Rupees
    Auction Ends 24 hours after final bid.

    Pickup is on smp7 at the Diamond Bros Shop 14233. Auction pick up is inside the chests directly ahead of spawn.
  2. 36,000 rupees.
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  3. Oo It would appear you have no competition.
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  4. why do I always run into you FakeIdea??

  5. Looks like we have a war mwa ha ha ha
  6. Sorry Dreacon. I don't want a war, so I'll let you win this one. Have a nice day.
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  7. So far Dreacon78 is in the lead with 41k.
  8. So I won this right?:)
  9. Yes Dreacon you won the auction I will put the Clay blocks in Auction Pickup 3 at 14233 on smp7 as soon as I can jump on EMC.
  10. ok cool. I will send you the money. Let me know once it is ready for pickup
  11. I'm sorry it has taken so long! I've had a long day at work. Your DC is ready! Thank you for your patience and your business!
  12. Cool, if I can get home for lunch today then I can swing by and pick it up. If not I will get it the afternoon once I get off of work.
  13. chest is set up on 14469 on SMP 7. It is at the water source area with the two chests at it.
  14. wow that was soo not the right place to type that... lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.