Auction dangers!!

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  1. Ever had problems with auctions relating to the prizes and payment ?
    Here are some useful tips:

    What NOT to do:

    If holding an auction, NEVER give out the prize BEFORE recieving payment, because sometimes the winner of the auction may get their prize but run away without paying..

    • If say you win yourself an auction make sure you have ultimate proof that whoever held the auction has the prize becase sometimes you might pay but not recieve your prize and this is definetely very devestating.

    What TO do:

    To make sure the winner of the auction pays you would make a shop. eg:

    Just say the winning bid was 45 rupees and the prize was a diamond ( good price eh! ) you would make the shop look like this:


    But Don't let anyone else know about this shop because only the auction winner can buy it.

    Hope you find this thread useful!

    Peace out -.- Posted by Good old Mammothchilli
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  2. You can put that shop chest in a room. A door with [access] sign that only winner can go in. :D
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  3. This wont work for enchanted stuff....
  4. you can sell enchanted stuff already isnt it?
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  5. You cant sell enchanted stuff via Chest shops...
  6. But others can access the shop using hack or tricks.Like freecam (Since EMC doesn't have an anti-cheat plugin) or the player can break the wall of that shop,he/she could access the shop until the block reappears.(I also used this trick on other servers before to steal someone's item)

    Sorry for bad english :)
  7. I tried. doesnt work. once it reappear u get put back to position behind the wall. If the chest id far away enough you cant click it. Underground basement made out of obsidian could work. Or flying box of obsidian.
    I'll check the web what is freecam.

    Does it allow you to walk pass the wall like it not even there?
  8. If the sign is close enough you can click it before the block reappears,And freecam allows you to fly everywhere
  9. I have auctioned tens of thousands of rupees worth of stuff and have had zero problems with payments or collection. I dont use the shop signs because they seem to be a bit buggy - I just check my rupees history to confirm payments.

    At the worst I would loose some rupees and I wouldnt deal with that person again - but as I said - never happened so far!

    I dont quite understand why this thread was created... Did someone have problems?
  10. empire minecraft knows when you are using mods and for the breaking blocks thing just make it double thick.
  11. I think JustinGuy should install an anti-cheat plugin
  12. 1thick obsi then 2 empty then another 1 thick
    Now if u try to trick it. U end up between the 2 wall
  13. rupees history is logged, and its easy for mods to detect a person that wont pay or haven't reicived their item...
  14. There should be combination of [access] and shop sign in one sign. So only person specify can buy that.
    And if u are planning to put shop box in a room then dont make it close to the wall. make like 12 block away.
    And freecam flying. ain't u gonna be kick right away since the first sec u start to fly?
  15. I don't. The "anti-cheat" things already in the game are buggy enough. I've been kicked for being idle so many times when brewing potions, sorting chests, even running around killing things. The other day I shot an arrow at a skeleton and got booted for flying (guess it thought I was the arrow).

    If you're really paranoid about getting ripped off doing an auction, then perhaps find someone you both trust and set up an escrow system. Or just don't auction things.

    The forums are public, all rupee transactions are recorded, and if worst comes to worst, you could ask a moderator to moderate.
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  16. Yeah, or you could ask a moderator to be a middle man or something
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  17. Personally I am happy to be a go between for players transactions. I can hold item until payment is made to me and ill transfer payment to seller and create access chest for buyer. Just let me know in private convo if needed and we'll try to arrange transaction.
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  18. Cool :D
    And get 5% for bring middle man. Lmao :p
  19. Nah I'll just take 12% off the top before transferring money :p
    Joking of course, just happy to help players if they feel they want a mediator for security :)
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