Vault and shop improvements

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  1. First of all the Cross-Server Vault now supports enchanted items!

    Second on the list is player shop improvements. Sorry this took so long everyone, it was a royal pain and I had to pretty much rewrite the entire chest shop plugin. But the good news I took the opportunity to clear up a lot of the quirkiness with the chest shop (such as selling pistons, and strange item names) and try to make it is as simple as possible.

    You can now sell all potions, enchanted items, pretty much anything that can be placed in a chest is supported. I greatly improved the item info command so it is the only thing you will ever have to remember. Simply hold any item in your hand and use the command /iteminfo. It will give you an ID and you just put that on the bottom line of the sign. It will include any enchantments the item may have and any other data like potion type. Here is an example:

    Upon clicking a sign that is selling an enchanted item or potion the information about it will be printed in the chat as a confirmation. You then left click again to complete the purchase (or just walk away if you deiced not to buy). This is the only way I could solve the issue of limited sign space and long potion or enchantment names. It will also keep people from scamming each other saying a sign is one potion or enchantment but it is really another. Here is an example of how the confirmation looks:

    As with any large update please be on the lookout for bugs. I tested it as much as I could but MC has so many items and potions I probably missed something.
  2. Thanks Justin :) Great work around for the potions and enchanted items :D How you do it I do not know, you are epic ;)
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  3. Omkg thankyou sooo much! I can now sell thos etricky items without a problem. :D
  4. Thank you very much for this new feature justin. it will stop a lot of scamming. =)
  5. Awesome work mate, your a wizard amongst miners.
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  6. You're awesome Justin! Thanks for the enchanted items in the vault thing! That will help a ton!
  7. as a shop owner i love you :)
  8. thanks i have a ton of enchanted swords to sell.
  9. Thanks for the kind words everyone :) I will keep working to make EMC the best ;) I can't wait to see all the potion and enchanted shops now :)
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  10. As an enchanter, moderator, and giver if items, I thank you.
  11. Sweet, now I can enchant w/ all the XP i have on SMP1 and bring it to my main on SMP3 :D
  12. This is beast! Very slick work, Ye king amongst admins.
  13. Yup and in the future XP will also be cross-server :) (one of the things I am working on)
  14. Oh I almost forgot, you can buy squids in /purchase now as well :)
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  15. Awesome work Justin! Always wanted to see a new way to do user shops.
  16. Awesome!!

    Very impressive... as usual. :)

    I have one question about how buying enchanted items works. Lets say I click on the sign to see what enchantment it's selling, then I decide not to buy it and walk away. Then the next day I come back to the same shop and click on the same sign again to remind me of what that item was, perhaps thinking I may want to buy it after all. Would I buy it automatically because I've clicked on the sign once already, or would I get the information/confirmation message again, and then buy it on the second click?

    So I guess I'm asking if there's a certain amount of time before the info/confirmation message resets itself. Or is it that once you click the sign, then the next time you click it, even if that's a day or a week later, you buy the item?
  17. It is not based on time currently, but if you buy from another shop (even if it doesn't have the confirmation) it resets it. I could add some time to it or clear it when a player disconnects, you make a great point :)