[ AUCTION ] D-Chest of DIRT! Funding!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by hoi, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. Items for Auction :
    3456 pieces of dirt! ( Double Chest )

    Starting Bid :
    7,500 Rupees

    Minimum Bid Increment :
    50 Rupees

    Auction End :
    15 minutes after last placed rule-following bid

    Pick-Up :
    SMP7 Residence #14664

    This auction is funding an upcoming contest! :)
  2. Who would want this much dirt????????????????
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  3. Did you even bother too read the intro?
  4. I believe when i went to your res to pick up that DC of random stuff it said that it would start at 10k
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  5. I lowered it. :p
  6. Bro, I would pay 1000 rupees for that, considering I need it badly
    Just too expensive
  7. It's a Donation Auction,not an Auction Auction.
  8. Ik that, I was would bid if I had more money
  9. Tempted to bid like 50k <--------NOT A REAL BID
    but I dont have that kind of money to be throwing it around
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  10. Bump for timezones!

    COme on you guys! This is genuine dirt! :p
  11. Bump! Anyone want this dirt?
  12. what is this I don't even...:confused:

    Even if this is a donation auction, why on earth do you need money? Aren't you pretty wealthy?
  13. No, I recently bought a D-Chest of Melons about a couple of weeks back for 45k. :p

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  14. Come to SMP7 Residence #14664! =D
  15. Is it from SipsCo?
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  16. no sjins independent dirt traders
  17. Um its sjins waterpark now dude. With the banana boat!
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  18. Sjin's Independent Dirt Trader (SIDT) is now Sips & Sjin's Not-So Independent Dirt trader (S&SNSIDT).
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