[Auction] Crap Books We Can't Sell

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  1. ITEMS: 54 Smite IV Books - 54 Projectile Protection IV Books - 54 Sharpness III Books - 54 Fire Protection III Books - 54 Knockback II Books - 54 Bane of Anthropods IV Books

    STARTING BID: 100r


    AUCTION ENDING TIME: 24 Hours after the last valid bid is posted

    PICK-UP: Smp8 16612

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  2. 6,000
    How do you do this .. :confused:
  3. Nvm, sorry Dethconn bidded 25,000$ :mad:
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  4. How do you get all these books?
  5. hehe, people asking how he gets the books when the title is "crap books WE cant sell" *backs away into the shadows*
  6. deathconn in the lead with 25k!
  7. 31k •cough• Whoever wins this - I'm interested in the smite books • cough•
  8. i sell smite 5 books at 10016 on smp5 Marg :D
  9. I would appreciate you not advertising in my auction thread :D Thanks!
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  10. Books can be enchanted via enchantment tables, when coupled with an XP Grinder Machina, you can enchant as many books as you own.. (Hence partial reasoning behind why leather was added to the book recipe..)
  11. Actually, these are likely from "exploited" villagers:)
  12. Nope, we dont use a single villager for any of the books we sell. I like emeralds too much to trade for them :p

    And Deathtomb8953 is in the lead with 32k!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.