Auction {COOKIES} [complete]

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  1. Do you like cookies? Do you want to go eat 54 stacks of cookies before you realize that was the only food you had left? Well now you can!
    Item: 2 single chests or 1 double chest of COOKIES! Yes you heard me correct. COOKIES!
    Starting bid: 10r
    Minimum bud increment: 10r
    Auction ends 24 hours after last valid bid.
  2. was it approved by the mods?
  3. its a double chest, so it should be good.
  4. With the new rules, you can auction double chests of stacked items.
  5. ahh ok thank you for informing me of the new rules
  6. Miguel, 1998golfer has already bid 60r.
  7. 80 Rupees. :p
  8. One last bump then i have to go. BUMP!
  9. *logs on* HOLY CRAP. Creppa in the lead with 900r!
  10. Holy... Crap...
  11. This isn't a Double Chest...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.