[Auction] [Colon D] DC of Nether Quartz

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  1. ---+--------------------------------------
    Item: DC of Nether Quartz (Flakes)

    Starting Bid: 1k

    Minimum Increase: 500

    Auction Ends: 36 hours after last bid
  2. Would you be willing to split? 37,000 rupees.
  3. Sure :) Also for the DC of Quartz ore?
  4. Sounds good to me. :)
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  5. Good Morning Bump! :DDDDD
  6. I laughed so hard when I saw the title. That robot in mumble is super funny! Colon DDDDDDDDD
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  7. Lunchtime Bump! :DDDDDDD
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  8. Bump! :DDDDDDDD
  9. Congratulations, THE_LEGEND4! :DDDD Once I receive payment, I'll set up a pickup chest for you as soon as possible at 10017 on smp5 :DDDDDDDD
  10. I love how you've done the colon in the title :p Congrats THE_LEGEND4!
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  11. Paid :D
    Thanks :)
  12. Access chest created! :DDDDDD
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