[AUCTION] Cactus pants and Holiday pick

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  1. Hello I am auctioning the cactus pants and Holiday pick not separate (obvious thing i guess: you win the auction you win the cactus pants and
    holiday pick).So 2 limited edition things for auction.

    Items: Cactus Pants and Holiday pick

    Starting Bid:15k

    Minimum Bid Increment:100

    Auction Ending Time: 18 hours after the last bid
    2014-02-15_14.34.27.png 2014-02-15_14.34.33.png

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  2. bump ur winning
  3. defluxer is winning by 27k
  4. joshy is winning
  5. if no bids joshy will win at 5am  or until i feel like closing the auction early
  6. No, you are not allowed to close the auction early. If no other valid bids, Joshy will win exactly 18 hours after his bid was posted.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.