Auction: Bow Damage 5,Fire 1

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  1. Hi guys

    I am auctioning a Bow With Damage V(5) and Fire I(1).
    It is unused.

    How does Damage Help?
    Well,You can kill almost any mob with one arrow..

    How does Fire help?
    Well,If the Damage doesent kill the mob(Very unlikely),Then the Mob will be set on fire to die..

    No jokes when bidding
    Voting will end 24h after last bid
    You can pick it up on SMP1 or Utopia
    There is a special price,You Cant buy the item for 20rupees :D
    You must bid atleast 200rupees over the person before you
    You can only pay with rupees
    If you want to buy the item Direkt,Send me a text,But You have to bid high to get it at once :p

    Bidding starts at 1000 rupees

    If you have any questions,Just ask
    Bidding Starts in 3,2,1,NOW!

  2. 1200 rupees
  3. D:
    byebye bow:(
  4. Dang... My son would love this bow! 4500r
  5. 5000 is my final bid
  6. little auction strategy.. never say.. this is my final bid.
  7. I thought that too, but I want it for Nick, so I keep bidding lol
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  8. guys,I know that your moderators and that most of you hate me(true story,ask any mod :)),but please try and keep it to the bidding and not start long discussions of who gets it. :)