[Auction] Bones - I've got a bone to pick

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  1. Its that time again.
    time for another Bone auction
    so here we go at it

    Item: 4DC Bones (thats 13824 bones [if my math is not failing me])
    Starting Bid: 5000
    Minimum Bid Increment: 500
    Auction Ending Time: 72 Hours after last valid bid
    winner Picks up Bones on my first res after payment has been received
  2. I need some bones to restock my shop.

    Let's get this party started! 5k
  3. 5555r

    Your math is correct. :)

    And I need them because I need then... :p
  4. Oh.. This is for 4 DC's

  5. Yup, and they'll all be going to me :3

  6. 6789r

    So much of the wild needs to be restored yet. This will help beautify it ♡
  7. That's invalid, last bid was 9,999.
  8. Darn 10k still isn't right... sigh T_T sorry

    12k should fix it
  9. Don't mean to be rude here too but since the min bid increment is 500 and the last bid was 9,999, the next valid bid is 10,499. 10k is invalid.
  10. Naw you're good ^_^ it's just hard for me to keep up with everyones ninja skills on 4 hours sleep lol :p
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  11. xD I know what you mean, and 13k
  12. Thanks ^_^

    BTW 14k
  13. Loving this :p

  14. lol, kicks back right at me :p

    15.5k should be enough
  15. Guys these bids are weak. Move this along

    I bid 45k
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  16. Excuse me? Weak bids? 0_0

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  17. 50k
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