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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by kilmannan, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. This auction has been cleared through a Moderator and approved

    I sell Blaze Rods by the Double and Single chest, for 8,000r and 4,500r respectively. For some reason, people clearly aren't spotting my Thread in the Products Board, as you're still bidding over 8k for them in here.

    To that end, I have created a 'Blaze Rod Ticket' which I will now auction off.

    The Winner of this Auction will own one Blaze Rod Ticket which entitles them to a full Double Chest of Blaze Rods, for the sum of 8,000r, to be paid when the ticket is redeemed.

    Lets be incredibly clear about this - the ticket does not mean you own the Blaze Rods, only that you want to buy a Double Chest (Or single, we can chat about that) and you'll pay the 8,000r required when you want to collect.

    The Products thread this relates to is here:


    Item: Blaze Rod Ticket

    Starting Bid: 1r

    Increments: Minimum of 2r

    Auction End: 5hrs after last bid

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  2. Good call! The current DC of Blaze Rod auction that someone else is hosting is now at 13,500r - crazy no?
  3. Lol Ik Crazy i didnt think I'd Get 8k cause yours was already so popular :p
  4. I wont sell them for more than 8,000r. At the end of the day, it's too time consuming to Auction, so I'd rather offer a fair, affordable flat rate.

    If only people would look in the Products thread, they'd know that, and save themselves a fortune. :)
  5. why could we not just go to ur res or buy them right now, i mean if you are normally out this makes complete sense
  6. The entire point of this Auction is to draw attention to the Products board and the fact that I do sell them at a flat rate.

    It's a means to an end. :)
  7. Ikr, But 6k Extra doesnt bother me :p
  8. Rainbow, you and your rainbowy chin can leave now!

  9. 400r
    (Probably the smallest bid i have ever made on EMC ._.)
  10. Oh my thank you... Read the thing wrong and thought it was a dc of blaze rods auctions lol
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