[Selling] Double & Single Chests of Blaze Rods

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  1. Double Chests of Blaze Rods

    8,000r per Double Chest
    Collect from SMP5 - 10199 Bulk Sales Floor
    (Only when pre-ordered via this thread)

    Now also selling
    Single Chests of Blaze Rods

    4500r per Single Chest
    Collect from SMP5 - 10199 Bulk Sales Floor
    (Available any time, Bulk Sales Floor)

    In Stock

    Satisfied Customers:

    Please pre-order to avoid dissapointment. Once your order is confirmed, please pay the required sum and you will be notified when your chest is ready for collection.
  2. i'll take a dc, when can i pay and pick up?
  3. Hi there - Once payment has been received from you, the chest will be set up on 5354 at the front entrance for you to collect from.

  4. Still have DC's in stock - place your orders!
  5. Paid you 16,000R
    Please open 2 dc for IcecreamPepper :D
  6. So that's your alt...
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  7. Currently out of stock
  8. I am interested in purchasing a double chest when you are back in stock
  9. Currently in stock now. Once payment is received, the DC will be set up for collection on Utopia 5354.

  10. Another satisfied customer!
  11. Thanks again :D very quick on the delivery
  12. Back in stock!
  13. Reserve one for me please! im on utopia now.
  14. Margarites blaze spawner?
  15. Love the rods, thanks! Super cheap too, about 2r per rod.
  16. Back in stock!
  17. Could i buy a single chest and not a double?
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