[AUCTION] Big Auction #2

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  1. Hello! Today I'll be auctioning the following items! :D

    2 DC's of Iron Ingots
    1 DC of Slimeballs
    1 DC of Sulphur


    1 DC of Wool Carpet
    5 stacks of pink carpet
    6 stacks of purple carpet
    3 stacks of magenta carpet
    3 stacks of lime carpet
    3 stacks of black carpet
    6 stacks of cyan carpet
    1 stack of blue carpet
    3 stacks of orange carpet
    3 stacks of white carpet
    3 stacks of red carpet
    3 stacks of gray carpet
    3 stacks of light gray carpet
    3 stacks of dark green carpet
    6 stacks of yellow carpet

    Enchanted Tools and 10 Horse Eggs
    1 Gold Sword "Dager of Ostrica" Bane of Arthropods IV Looting II Fire Aspect II
    1 Bow "Bow of Ostrica" Unbreaking III Power I
    1 Golden Pickaxe "Estrica's Pickaxe" Unbreaking III Efficiency IV Fortune III
    1 Golden Axe "Everlasting Axestopper" Unbreaking III Efficiency IV [FAKE]
    1 Golden Spade "Shovel of Eterenity" Unbreaking III Efficiency IV
    x3 Blast Protection III Enchanted Books
    x2 Knockback II Enchanted Books
    Feather Falling IV Enchanted Book
    Thorns III Enchanted Book
    Bane of Arthropods V Enchanted Book
    Silk Touch I Enchanted Book

    Dark Brown Whitefield 97.72% speed 64.25% jump 24.70 hp
    Black White 100.90% speed 74.70% jump 23.11 hp
    White None 102.04% 74.26% jump 25.67 hp
    Chestnut None 103.47% speed 68.66% jump 22.81 hp
    Brown None 103.89% speed 69.45% jump 24.86 hp
    Creamy Black Dots 103.98% speed 64.20% jump 25.89 hp
    Dark Brown None 104.11% speed 63.37% jump 22 hp
    Brown None 107.71% speed 59.39% jump 26.29 hp
    White White Dots 109.45% speed 58.17% jump 25.15 hp
    Brown Black Dots 114.95% speed 69.12% jump 28 hp

    Starting Bid:
    25,000 Rupees

    Minimum Bid Increment:
    100 Rupees

    Auction End:
    48 Hours (2 days) after the highest rule following bid has been placed

    14020 SMP7
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  2. 10k y naat eh?
  3. nvm didnt read the thread :p
  4. Anyone want to spilt? I need about 9 stacks of iron... :(
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  5. Bummpppp!

    This is at least worth 75k!
  6. This is going for an incredibly low price!
  7. Bumppp, this is wayyyy to cheap!
  8. You forgot the diamond sword in the description. 0.0
  9. 1 Diamond Sword Bane of Arthropods II
    1 Bow Unbreaking III Power III
  10. Bump... This is VERY cheap, 35k basically covers the slimeballs only!
  11. Bummpppp
  12. Bump!
  13. Does the sword say "Dagger" or "Dager"? =P
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