[ AUCTION ] Beacon and some rare items {Closed}

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  1. Items:
    - 1 I-Day firework
    - 1 EmpireFirework 2014 New Year
    - 1 Beacon
    - 1 unused Pot of gold

    Starting: 20k
    Bid IncreaseMin.:1k
    End: 48 Hours after last Valid Bid

    Good luck any issues PM staff and tell them and Ill give up auctions

  2. You stop

  3. 38k

    Im a gecko, i wont stop
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  4. Sigh

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  5. Morning Bump :p
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  6. BUMP, auction ending tomorrow at 7:34 PM EMC Time
  7. FINAL BUMP, will the winning bid be 41k?
  8. YOU HAVE WON W/ 41k! Payment first and chest will be set up.
  9. this auction still has a few hours.
  10. Oh, continue xD
  11. Ok now you have won! When payments received chest will be set up
  12. Mk i paid
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.