[Auction] Amazing Book: 7 Enchants!

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  1. Auctioning off an amazing enchanted book with the following enchantments:
    >Unbreaking III
    >Smite IV
    >Efficiency V
    >Power IV
    >Silk Touch I
    >Fire Aspect II
    >Lure III
    So, the scenarios you can enchant the following items are: (YOU CAN ONLY USE ONCE)
    1. Pickaxe OR Shovel- Unbreaking III, Efficiency V, Silk Touch I
    2. Sword- Smite IV, Unbreaking III, Fire Aspect II
    3. Axe- Unbreaking III, Smite IV, Efficiency V, Silk Touch I
    4.Bow- Unbreaking III, Power IV
    5-Fishing Rod- Unbreaking III, Lure III
    Starting Bid: 1r
    Minimum Bid Increments: 100r
    Auction Ends 24 hours after final valid bid!!! :D

    Pickup is @ Res # 3949 on SMP 2 2014-10-03_23.15.12.png

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  2. 1,000r (shazzamle)
  3. How did you...
    5 k
  4. Congrats PureBredGaeilge you have won with 7.5k! Auction Chest will be set up after payment is recieved!!
  5. I'll pay tonight, thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.