Auction: All 4 Unspawned Promo horses

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  1. Starting Bid: 50k
    Minimum bid increment: 500r
    Pick-Up: Smp5, res 10695 Auction house teleporter
    Auction Ends: 96 hours after last bid (I know it's a little long but I need the most out of this)
    • Unspawned Incitatus
    • Unspawned Saltar
    • Unspawned Valens
    • Unspawned Rudolph
    Note* I will not be online April 3-13, I will deal with the winner then, thank you.
    Note* Bp2u has the right to bump this auction.
  2. 60k
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  3. I'm afraid only the account that the thread was made using is the only one allowed to bump the auction. :)
  4. Are you sure? I've seen other people do this many times actually, i'll check the rules to be safe I know they recently updated them.
  5. Ok, I guess your right, thanks :)
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  6. 60,500
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  7. Bump! generalfelino015 is winning with a bid of just 80k!
  8. Bump! generalfelino015 is winning with just 20k per horse! These marvelous beasts are greater than the lowly average horse, that average horse you have is not good enough for you and you know you need a new one! What better to replace it than a genetically modified superhorse, the only kind worthy of being ridden by you. You've wanted a new horse for quite some time now, what is greater than a horse with a name that floats boldly above its comfortable saddle in colored text? These wonders of nature were sent from the great galaxy of Aikar or ICC's idea-for-promo-land straight to your promo page instantly! If you can't find the money in your wallet to bid, you will have the only excuse not to own such fine horses. Please note that this is the longest "bump" you have ever seen, anything short of this would not be adequate for describing the excellency of these astonishing horses of wonder.
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  9. 90,000
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  10. Did i win the auction ? Time is up. :)
  11. The player who hosted the auction won't be back til 4/13
  12. Congratulations! You have won the auction with a bid of 95k! Access sign will be set up soon!
  13. Rupees paid, thx.
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