[AUCTION] A Ton of Enchanted Books

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  1. Item(s):4x Aqua Affinity 1
    1x Silk Touch
    1x Infinity 1
    1x Smite 4
    1x Fire Aspect 2, Aqua Affinity 1
    1x Sharpness 4
    1x Power 4
    1x Sharpness 3, Flame 1
    1x Sharpness $, Knockback II, Efficiency 4
    1x Efficiency 4, Power 4
    1x Flame 1, Power 3
    1x Efficiency 3, Punch 1
    1x Feather Falling 4, *BoA 4, Projectile Protection 4
    1x Knockback 2, Power 4
    1x Protection 3, Power 3
    *BoA-Bane of Anthropods
    Starting Bid: 1.5k
    Minimum Bid Increase: 400r
    Auction Ends: 48 Hours after the last bid
    Pickup: Pickup will be on 5276 on utopia.

    Happy Bidding!
  2. 1.9k

    Yeah sure lol
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  3. lol, fail it is supposed to be sharp 4
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  4. bump, this is quite cheap considering the enchants!
  5. Ok, i will pay you as soon i get online. Plz tell me where i can get my books :D.
  6. I was just about to post that! Pickup is at 5276 on utopia
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.