Auction a diamond eff.3 and unbreaking.3 please come!!!

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  1. You must collect the item from my lot SMP2 4343 - I will set up a chest for you
    This item is an unused diamond pickaxe
    Start bid 800r
    Will end next friday so bid bid bid
    bid increses must be 100r
    thank u please bid :D
  2. People plz bid i haz little steaves and baby sheep to feed. :(
  3. i would but i have no money when my pick sells i will
  4. 1 person that best u can o people.
  5. now we are talking :)
  6. woot woot
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  7. diamond eff.3 and unbreaking.3 pickaxe
  8. people bid plz
  9. a little better :cool:
  11. Anyone else?