[Auction] 6 Horse Armors To Benefit The Smp4 Paradise Project

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by R0bbieJo, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. Here we go... Its time to get the Palace residences all connected and that means money!
    So I went to the Nether All By Myself and got these... and did not die... eeek!

    Six Horse Armors:
    1 Diamond
    4 Gold
    1 Iron

    Starting bid will be 5000 rupees
    Bid Increases by 100r or more

    I will deliver personally to the winner

    Auction will close 48 hours after the last bid to give all time zones a chance
    Good Luck and Happy Bidding

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  2. 5.1k
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  3. 5,201r
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  4. Darn it Death. 8.1k
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  5. When I do this, I care :p

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  6. Deathconn is in the lead with 8.5K
    Who else wants these.... :)
  7. Looks like Deathconn is keeping his lead with 8.5K
    I saw Diamond armor alone selling for more than this... come on guys! lol
  8. Thank You Penguin... I knew Someone out there wanted this.... :)
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  9. 15k from Murrgetter! Thank You.... :)
  10. Thank You henpenben.... man you all come up with some hard names.... lol

    15.1K is in the lead... :)
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  11. 20k
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  12. Wow! Thank You!!
    Murrgetter is in the lead with 20k...
    Anyone want to race... heehee :D
  13. It's for a good cause I suppose
  14. I can't wait until we get to the point where there is tons of building to do!!! :)
  15. Okay so the leading bid is 20K
    Who else is in.... :)
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Not open for further replies.