[Auction] 6 DC of Netherrack

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  1. Want to have your entire res permanently ablaze? Love building with nether brick (looks awesome with Iskall85's tex pack that makes black netherrack)? Like upswing an easily identifiable scaffolding that can be instantly broken with a pick (e4 or e5)?

    Then THIS is the Auction for YOU!

    Auction: 6 DC of netherrack
    Starting bid: 1r
    Minimum bid increase: 100r
    Auction ends: 24hr after last valid bid
    Pick-up: smp9 /v 18353

    Payment expected within 48hr of winning bid announcement

    Access will be set up within 24hr of payment received.

    Good luck!

    FIRE! FIRE! HeHeHe!
  2. Edit: using ... Not "upswing". Stupid phone.
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  3. 1k
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  4. 1234r
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  5. 2,345
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  6. Stupid Phone, BUMP
  7. 2500r
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  8. Not sure if this is even worth bumping. Less than 20 min before TomvanWijnen wins it.
  9. >_________________>

  10. I am sorry :(
    And lol it was a MINUTE before you win xD
    2900r :)
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  11. Nice job squeaking in at the last minute Will_McNab! Thank you for breathing life back into this auction!